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Holy trinity episcopal academy


2024-2025学年的申请已经开始! Please complete an inquiry 开始申请程序,如果你还没有这样做. Our priority application deadline is January 15, 2024 with supporting materials due February 15, 2024.

bet366沙巴体育2023-2024学年的优先申请截止日期已经过去. 在这一点上,2023-2024学年的大部分年级都已达到或接近饱和. 如果您希望您的学生被考虑在2023-2024学年的申请人等待池中, you can complete an application. As you proceed through the application process, bet366沙巴体育会联系你关于参观校园的机会.
2025-2026学年的申请将于2024年9月1日开始. 如果你想被包括在最新的招生过程和即将到来的事件为未来的家庭, please complete an inquiry.

Important Dates

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List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Why choose a Holy Trinity education?

    bet366沙巴体育邀请您参观bet366沙巴体育的校园,亲身体验圣三一温暖而关怀的环境. bet366沙巴体育的教师与bet366沙巴体育的学生和家长密切合作,灌输学术卓越和个人责任, inspire athletic and artistic accomplishment, 在充满挑战和安全的教育环境中促进对多样性的尊重. bet366沙巴体育的社区鼓励学生充分发挥他们的潜力,成为敬业的学生和杰出的公民, in the Melbourne community and beyond.
  • Is Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy accredited?

    圣三一是由佛罗里达独立学校委员会完全认可的, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and Florida Kindergarten Council; and is a member of the Central Florida Episcopal Schools Association, National Association of Episcopal Schools, 全国和南方大学招生顾问协会, College Board for Educators, and Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education.
  • bet366沙巴体育只能在开放日参观吗?或者bet366沙巴体育可以单独参观吗?

    We give individual tours at your convenience. 请打电话预约参观校园的时间,并与招生主任交谈.

    Sharon Edgerton低年级招生主任(学前班-六年级)
    321-723-8323, ext. 215 or sedgerton@htes.org

    Dr. Sarah Berry初中招生主任(7-8年级)和国际学生主任
    321-723-8323, ext. 315 or sberry@htes.org

    Alison Bell高中招生策划与招生副总裁(9-12年级)
    321-723-8323, ext. 338 or abell@htes.org
  • How can I get more information?

    Please fill out our online inquiry form. Once we receive your information, 招生团队的一名成员将与您联系并发送额外的材料.
  • How do I apply?

    After careful review of the Application Process, you will need to submit an Application Form, 连同不退还的申请费,以确认注册是必要的. 一旦bet366沙巴体育收到这封信,bet366沙巴体育将与您保持联系,以推进该过程的其余部分.
  • bet366沙巴体育的课程对高级或速成学生来说是否具有足够的挑战性?

    Yes. bet366沙巴体育的教师在高级水平的教学和区分 curriculum 根据需要,满足个别学习者的需要. 低年级教师持有资优认可证书. bet366沙巴体育的高年级学生有机会参加荣誉课程和许多大学先修课程.
  • Do Holy Trinity students wear a uniform?

    Yes. 从幼儿到12年级的学生都穿校服. Uniforms are available at Sir Walter, Inc. in Merritt Island and through Lands’ End.
  • Is transportation available?

    在低年级和高中校园之间提供巴士交通(Tiger Transit).
  • Where can I find information about your calendar?

    Please see the Calendar section of our website for important dates.


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  • Alison Bell, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

    Alison Bell

    321-723-8323, ext. 338
  • Sharon Edgerton, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

    Sharon Edgerton

    Director of Lower School Admissions
    321-723-8323, ext. 215
  • Dr. Sarah Berry, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

    Dr. Sarah Berry

    Director of Junior High Admissions & International Student Programs
  • George Austin

    Admissions & Student Transition Coordinator

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